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Just released!! The Effigies music video by Francisco Torres (director), Kierstyn Torres (editor) and Tom Kastle (author/performer); a look at the toppling of statues and the changing attitudes that accompany these events, especially with our own "Lady Forward" in Madison, Wisconsin.

Decades ago, Tom Kastle designed a career for himself as a maritime music performer and sailor. He traveled the world, collecting and performing songs and stories as well as captaining sailing ships on the Great Lakes.

These days, Tom's passions are even more diverse and include theatrical projects ranging from the titular role in Henry IV to a political pundit in God Help Us! with the legendary Ed Asner; film projects like Francisco Torres’ Delight in the Mountain with Richard Riehle and Tom Wopat; and television where he hosted a short documentary that was nominated for an Emmy Award. Add in musical director and composer credits, voice overs, a role in an opera, and a series of live radio plays and you have an artist living a vivid life, indeed!

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