Tommy's Gone to Hilo

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Tommy's Gone to Hilo

One of "Rich's Picks" on the Midnight Special (WFMT Chicago)

Tom's latest maritime CD features traditional songs that go back through many generations, a couple contemporary ballads by modern writers such as Fred Gosbee and Mike O'Connor, a C. Fox Smith poem put to music by William Pint, and Tom's own Great Lakes ballads Dancin' Jimmy Owen and Cold Winds; a song that has been performed and recorded by singers in the US, England, and the Netherlands. Tom is joined on selected tracks by Mary Gaines (string bass, cello, backing vocals), Chris Wagoner (violin, accordion, backing vocals), and Rich Baumann (violin). The album was recorded at the Big Rock Studio (54 acres with a trout stream running through it) with engineer and chef Dave Kruger. "High Barbary" was recorded live for Chris and Mary's radio and pod cast show Mad Toast Live! in March of 2010.

"Good song, Tom, and your new album is a delight!"
— Lilli Kuzma, (after airing "Dancin Jimmy Owen") Folk Festival, WDCB FM

"Tom Kastle writes and sings sea-faring songs. Why shouldn't he, he's the real deal. Tom has a master captain's license, and has sailed the Great Lakes, and out into the great salties, for decades. All that would mean little, were it not for his musical talents, and rich sea-shanty-singing voice."
— Gary Tuber, Chicago Folk Music Examiner
  1. Carrying Nelson Home (M. J. O.Connor)
  2. Tow Rope Girls (C. Fox Smith/trad)
  3. Emma, Emma (trad)
  4. In Fire is Iron Born (T. Kastle)
  5. Cold Winds (T. Kastle)
  6. The Dead Horse Shanty (trad)
  7. Tommy's Gone to Hilo (trad)
  8. The Bigler (trad)
  9. Dancin' Jimmy Owen (T. Kastle)
  10. The Jolly Roving Tar (trad)
  11. High Barbary* (trad)
  12. Cappy John's Bride (F. Gosbee)

*Recorded live at the Brink Lounge March 23, 2010 for Mad Toast Live! radio and podcasts.

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