Across the Centerline Cover

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Across the Centerline

Tom's first solo recording offers glimpses of the romance and magic of every day, and not so every day, life from a "midlife crisis singer/songwriter" looking Across the Centerline.

"I always wanted to do a recording playing all the parts. So I loaded up the van with various instruments and set off for Dave Kruger's Big Rock Studio near Stevens Point, WI to do a short demo. One thing led to another and after the drum tracks were laid and Dave brought out his vintage guitars....the Rickenbacher 12 string, Gibson ES330, and the clear Lucite Ampeg bass, things got carried away resulting in 13 songs, 11 of which made the final cut."
— Tom Kastle

Chattanooga Morning
Falling In Love With You
Hummingbird Heart
Marlando the Magnificent
One Night Crisis
Know You Rider
Wastin' My Time
Dance With You
Winter and Spring
It's Hard to Love a Woman
Across the Centerline

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Tom Kastle Tom playing drums Tom peering through the clear Lucite bass Tom playing bass in from of big orange amp